The virtual meeting and event platform that empowers your audience to truly be together.

Present & Share
Without Bounds

Give your audience and speakers the freedom to naturally connect and share thoughts like they would in-person, before, during, and after a presentation.

Video conferencing and webinar platforms are ineffective methods to capture and maintain your audience’s attention because they don't support natural, impromptu dialogue.

Project Breakout recreates the in-person experience—making it the only viable answer for your next virtual event, meeting, or class.

Benefits & Features

Be You

Explore Project Breakout with your own personalized avatar. Easily upload a photo and your avatar will bear your likeness in minutes.

Audio Immersion

Experience sound as you would in the real world with audio informed by both distance and direction.

Effortless Exploration

Share presentations, live stream videos and activate objects in the environment all at the click of a button.

Your World, Your Way

Create a custom world that tells your story with infinite options for settings and objects.

Organic Interactions

Have 'conversations at the water cooler' in focused groups that evolve organically within the overall environment. Capacity for up to 30 discrete people.

Optimized Graphics

Built to run on company issued low-spec laptops, like a Microsoft® Surface without a dedicated GPU.

Secure Voice Chat

Voice chat within the application uses industry standard encryption.

Help the World

Gather your people virtually from all over the world, reducing carbon emissions and your environmental footprint.

New Game+

At New Game+, we develop improved methods of communication. We focus on the advancement of communication because we believe it is the most important factor in every successful innovation.

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