Being Together is What Counts

Virtual Meeting & Event Platform

Optimized for Social Presence

Project Breakout provides an experience inspired by what matters most, being together in-person. Allow your audience to communicate as if they are in-person, with better attention and retention of information.

Add-on features to video conferencing like polling, emojis, text chat, and break out rooms are great, but they do not solve your primary goal: maintaining your audience’s attention and facilitating productive dialogue.

Present & Share Together

Empower your presenters and audience to interact the way they would in-person, by truly bringing them together. Breakout is the only virtual meeting and event platform that allows users to naturally move in and out of conversation without being confined to a video tile.

Be You

Realistic avatars allow your participants to be a genuine extension of themselves. With our Avatar Creator tool, your virtual persona is less than a minute away.

Be You

Realistic avatars allow your participants to be a genuine extension of themselves. With our Avatar Creator tool, your virtual persona is less than a minute away.

Dialogue Naturally

Your guests are free to use their voice, just like they would in-person. Talking privately amongst peers is as easy as taking a few steps away from the crowd.

Benefits & Features

Be You

Explore Project Breakout with your own personalized avatar. Easily upload a photo and your avatar will bear your likeness in minutes.

Audio Immersion

Experience sound as you would in the real world with audio informed by both distance and direction.

Effortless Exploration

Share presentations, live stream videos and activate objects in the environment all at the click of a button.

Your World, Your Way

Create a custom world that tells your story with infinite options for settings and objects.

Organic Interactions

Have 'conversations at the water cooler' in focused groups that evolve organically within the overall environment. Capacity for up to 30 discrete people.

Optimized Graphics

Built to run on company issued low-spec laptops, like a Microsoft® Surface without a dedicated GPU.

Secure Voice Chat

Voice chat within the application uses industry standard encryption.

Help the World

Gather your people virtually from all over the world, reducing carbon emissions and your environmental footprint.

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Break free from the constraints of video conferencing—Project Breakout is your answer to invigorating and meaningful human connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Project Breakout?

You have to sign up for a Steam account to access Project Breakout, as we use Steam as our software distribution platform. Steam is a trusted software distribution platform used by millions of people worldwide.

For more information on Steam please see

What are the system requirements?

At this time Project Breakout is supported on Windows machines running Windows 10.

How many people can be in the same environment?

At this time you can have up to 30 people collaborating and experiencing Breakout together. As we continue to improve Project Breakout and expand its features and functionalities that number will increase, and we will alert users via updates to the software.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you do need to be connected to the internet to use Project Breakout. As you navigate through the space and communicate with others this data is sent and received by our servers real-time.

Who do I contact for technical support or to report an issue?

Contact us at for technical support or to report any technical issues.