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Add a new dimension to your event and broadcast story with Depthcast, the low-cost augmented reality (AR) graphics service platform.

Deploy in-studio with tracked broadcast cameras or at your next remote broadcast with mobile devices. The Depthcast service pipe-line answers your needs for AR asset creation, real-time optimization, and operation.

Augmented reality graphics have never been more achievable.

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Selected Work

Red Bull Metamorphosis


Red Bull Esports

Unity + Depthcast AR

Forced to pivot by COVID-19 restrictions, Red Bull quickly turned their planned in-studio broadcast of Metamorphosis to a fully remote version. NG+ quickly developed a fully remote version of Depthcast to preserve the fundamental AR features of the show. All talent used iPads running Depthcast Remote to show their game character selections in real-time on the fly.

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Red Bull Conquest Finals


Red Bull Esports

Unity + Depthcast AR

For the finale of the Red Bull Conquest Series, NG+ returned to the Santa Monica Red Bull studios to integrate two AR elements into their live broadcast. The first was an AR lower thirds that showed each team's regions, and the second was an AR scoreboard that ranked teams between sets.

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Beyond The Summit: Bot TI


Beyond The Summit

Unity + Depthcast AR

Beyond The Summit: Bot TI is an annual event that streams on Twitch. For this event, NG+ brought the video game characters of DOTA 2 into the studio, setting them up to be interviewed by a live on-air personality between matches. By rendering the characters in AR, NG+ allowed the commentator to walk in front of, behind, and between characters, allowing for fun and immersive interludes throughout the Bot TI broadcast.

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