About Us

Our Mission

At New Game+ we develop improved methods of communication.

We focus on the advancement of communication because we believe it is the most important factor in every successful innovation.

We support innovation by developing software that improves the efficacy of showing and sharing stories.

Our People

New Game+ consists of a team of highly experienced and specialized team members with decades of experience crafting digital experiences.

We are dedicated to driving the new beginning of storytelling, the result of our over 100 years of collective experience, inspiration, and knowledge. Since 2016 we have created revolutionary products that bring people together to learn, connect, and grow through immersive experiences.

Our Founders

Reid Santabarbara

Reid is a veteran of the live event industry. With 15 years in the space, Reid has founded three other live event software companies that have democratized Augmented Reality, re-tooled Production Management workflows, and brought live event advertising to Ride-Share vehicles.

Maxime Long

Max is the CTO and co-founder at New Game+, where he leads the engineering and art teams, and oversees all aspects of product strategy. Prior to founding New Game+, Max led engineering in a AR/VR startup, and prior to that was a software engineer in educational technology at Brown University. Max graduated from Brown University in 2014 with a B.A. in psychology, with a focus on neuroscience.


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